Media & Teaching

Parallel to his architectural practice, Rodrigo teaches architecture and urbanism at the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art. He also co-hosts and co-produces a mini-series in the Institute’s podcast “Classicism in Conversation,” which explores cities around the world in conversation with distinguished guests. Lectures and Podcasts available online via the ICAA’s website. See links below.

University of Notre Dame
School of Architecture Affiliated Practitioner

As part of the Housing and Community Regeneration Initiative at the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture, Rodrigo participates in design charrettes along with students, faculty, Dean Stefanos Polyzoides, and other design professionals. Led by Notre Dame’s own Marianne Cusato, these charrettes aim to provide assistance to municipalities and nonprofit organizations to improve economic development by reimagining the built environment.
Timelapse of final Charette master plan drawing in Elkhart, IN